Knock at the Door

As the sun sets on the first day of 2011,  inner reflection sets in.  There is nothing more thought-provoking than watching a beautiful sky fill with colors of  velvet shades of violet, gold, peach and splashes of teal.  The first day of a new year.  I guess I should be happy I woke this morning; to live another day, but how cliché.  With great intentions of doing something to please me and “make happy” to myself and or others, I fall short by forcing the event.

After a vigorous walk with my dog, (who is often confused for a small pony) I was anything but pleased.  Tired, sore and exhausted from being dragged by a 130 pound beast of energy, for a mere twenty-five minutes, I returned home to rest.  Harley, my dog, a mix of German Shepard and black lab, has been my companion since he was born 10 years ago.  Although I could tell he was happy,  ecstatic about the walk; I was not.  As his head was buried deep in his water dish, lapping up all five quarts of water, there was a knock at my door.

This was to be moment of “happy”.  I opened my door to my best friend, Annie.  I was immediately glad, I had not seen her since before Christmas.  We sat, talked, watched a movie (Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp) and played a few rounds poker.  As Annie was commenting on her hand, speaking a pearl of wisdom,  “…never bluff,  when your opponent has the wining hand”, my mind processed, as I giggled at her comment.  “It’s me”, I thought,  “Annie came to my door to be spend time with me”.   This, made me happy today!

Annie and I concluded our visit with a chicken Katsu dinner from our local take out, Aloha Hawaiian Barbecue . If you are ever in the neighborhood, try it.

So lesson learned.  I can not force happy, I need to see it and appreciate it for what it is.  Makes me wonder what tomorrow brings and eager for the day to begin.


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