Having a hard time finding a happy moment today. The city was cleansed with a white blanket as people awoke to snow this morning, which is a rare occasion in Las Vegas. I, however, was up until 3 am and slept threw the accumulation and dissipation of the snow.
When I did finally decide to rise, a whole chicken had finally defrosted and I began baking, along with scallop potatoes. I figured I would share the meal with my neighbors; it appears we agree, sharing is easier on our pocket books and one cook, one kitchen, one clean up.
With the chill outdoors, the smell of roasted chicken become abundant indoors. Pleased with my a cooking skills I answer a call from my best friend, Annie. “I have something wonderful to show you”, she squeals with glee, “you will be so happy…I will be right over to show you”. I wait, wondering what she would have to share with me that would make me happy.
A few minutes later she is at my door with her laptop in hand. Annie proceeds to show me a word document titled “Chapter One”. I look at her, puzzled, “can I read it?”
As I finish the last few words, I look at Annie’s face, glowing with satisfaction and delight. “Do you see?” she asks wiggling in her seat,”Your blogging has inspired me to start writing again.”
Yes, that does please me and her.

Another day with a happy moment discovered.

Source: Thanks to my high school friend Tony for posting this great picture of Las Vegas snow.


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