Birds of a feather…

“Where ever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together…” this was the theme song of my day with my best friend Annie, as we shopped until we dropped.

Beginning with a Mediterranean lunch, we set out to knock off our lists at the local Walmart. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste..all well, but now for something just for me. We begin browsing through the pajama and lingerie department. I was determined to find a pair of comfy bottoms in which to lounge in. As we are checking sizes and speaking to each other from across the aisle, you know the typical conversation of

“How about these….aren’t they cute…ummm  no, wrong size…”

we hear a male voice, taunting, “I need a 36 C… do you like the leopard print?”

Annie and I made eye contact with the gentleman, and roared with laughter. We knew he was teasing us and making light of the situation; that he had been trapped in the woman’s underwear department.

When his wife turned the corner, he joked with an exiting comment, “Honey…they don’t think I will fit into a C cup..”

Although his humorous inputs were appreciated, and his reference to us being too young to know what Drive Ins are, were sweet, well received and flattering.
Finishing up our shopping, I realized, how lucky I am to have someone in my life who will really tell it like it is, to me and someone I can speak my mind with. Like a long lost sister, I suspect it is comforting to know you can be completely honest with yourself and another person.
Therefore, I feel as if I have found a similar bird in my friend Annie. How fortunate I am to have some one to be completely honest with me and I to her.  This is my moment of happy.


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