An Affair to Remember…..

Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr probably had no idea when they were making the movie, we would still be watching it today, like bible study. OK, granted, 1957 was much a different world, time and place, but may I propose, imagine if it happened in today’s time.
The most obvious, to me, is a the ability to communicate over oceans, without taking a luxury liner. I wager it would be something along the lines of;

“OMG! Nickie~ U a-hole! U R engade 2 slut! 6 months? KMA”

“U R Bitch, Terry! U no show! RIH”

Between Facebook, Twitter and all those other i-apps, the written word is dying. Not even a slow death, but one at rapid speed, along with the English language as it is being editing for space allowance.  This has annoyed me to no end.  Have you had someone speak in text talk, like, Oh Em Gee (OMG)?  Seriously, what is the point?

Gone are the days when words were flowered and seasoned in a manner that their meaning was new.  Which is probably why I find myself glued to Turner Classic Movie channel. But I digress.

Just me and Harley, who never has too much to say about my selections, where flopped on the couch, engrossed in the movies.  Somewhere between Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember my moment of happy hit me.  I have no drama!  And I mean…NO DRAMA! You see, instead of being miserable about being alone, I was actually happy to be alone.  Couch commando, controller of remote, hog highness of blanket covers, with no one to try take any of it away from me.  Does this mean, in some small way, I don’t like to share?  Never.  And I hope with all hopes, someday I will have a partner to share or fight over these things with.  But for now, I am pretty darn happy I have it all to myself, for today, anyway.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the IRS, and I will be keeping a keen eye out for a happy moment with that going on.  Laugh Out Loud.


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