There are those days when a person just does not want to face the world.

Especially a world that appears to be imploding, dilapidated and feasting upon itself. Anyone walking the streets of Las Vegas, off the strip, would understand this. Yet, I remain optimistic this, too, shall pass.  A rebirth is just around the corner.

When curling up under the covers seems more rewarding than running a marathon.  When a good book is replaced with social interaction. When turning off all electronics and walking outdoors gives peace of mind.

Shortly after my morning coffee brewed, I curled up on my sofa with a blanket, book and dog across my feet.  I did not mean to spend the entire day, reading, lounging on the couch.  A few times, when I took a break to eat or retrieve a beverage from the frig, I contemplated some other activity.  The choice to continue, as I was, won by a landslide.  Not because the book was so enthralling, (I had read it before), rather, this is what I wanted to do.  I chose it.  Spending my day in this manner, no matter how mundane to someone else, made me happy.   Days like these, allow me to re-group, collect myself and prepare.  Now, as my day comes to en end, I feel ready for a new week to begin.

Recharging is my happy moment.


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