Fire! What would you take?

If your house is on fire, and you have 60 seconds to grab your most prized possessions, what would you take?

If we lived in a cave, and had little to no material things, this would be an easy answer…GET OUT!  But we don’t.  We live in an economy based on spending and collection of material things.  So, what would you grab?

I surveyed several of my friends and family and received some interesting answers:

  • cell phone, to call 911
  • laptop
  • camera
  • wallet / purse
  • legal papers (Deed,titles, bank book, will, etc)
  • trophy (a state championship)
  • family photo album

One answer impressed me, he said, “NOTHING…there is nothing that could not be replaced.”   And like myself, this friend has a fire proof safe, where these item would be protected from the flames flickering at the memories.  Or at least that is the theory and manufactures guarantee.

The obvious answer, to me, is my loved ones.  Anyone else in or near the burning building would be priority number one.  Grateful I am not faced with this dilemma, I find a happy moment among the city of depression and a nation in recession.

I have what I need, and for now, that is good.


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