Back to School

After a few hours waiting in line at the Financial Aid office, downsizing my over zealous schedule, and purchasing required text books, I feel even more broke than I was yesterday. But, as they say in my native Minnesota voice, “What-cha gonna do? Yah.”
I have been so excited to return to class today, everything else seems meaningless. As it should, since my studies are more important at this moment in time. 
After receiving my first assignment for 2011, my head is reeling with ideas. Location, lighting, and subject matter. Images popping in out of my mind, onto the pages of my plan book and brainstorming session with fellow classmates. Most photographers are paranoid their ideas will be stolen prior to implementation, but I never worry. No two photos, by two different photographers can ever be the same, even at the same shoot. Assisting the younger students in exactly what juxtaposition is, I am pleased being able to tutor and share.
My happy moment was just being there… among my fellow artists hard at play.


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