Top of the Mountain

Very few people have actually climbed to the top of a mountain, yet we use this metaphoric phrase to measure our accomplishments. Therefore, I pose the question, “What is at the top of the mountain?”

In order to answer the question, you need to decide the ultimate reward.

I do not have an answer. Maybe I need to climb a mountain to truly understand. Maybe ask a person who has scaled the chilling walls of challenge.

Finding myself somewhere near the base of the mountain, again, I take one step at a time. Work, pay bills, deter collectors and try not to piss off the I.R.S. One step at a time.  Although the mountain is majestic with hope and promise, its overall appearance is overwhelming. The obstacles are concealed from a distance.  The dangers lurk in the shadows. Onward we climb.

I only know I am spending this year in finding daily happiness, as I climb my mountain each day. Today, I found the comfort of my family makes me happy.  The compassion I shared with my ailing neighbor (as she struggles daily with her disease) as she thanks me and smiles, makes me happy.

Stand tall and steady mountain, this is going to be long climb.


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