Show a little compassion

Today was a very difficult day. Beginning with the trail of calls from creditors looking for their payments to speaking with my friends who are experiencing the same life stresses. It hurts my soul when I am unable to help  friends. I suppose it is the feeling of uselessness that overcomes those of us who want to always “fix” things. I believe it is a type A personality trait.
The small moment of happy I had today is when I was able to share a meal (from the $1 Menu) with a classmate. We ordered several items totaling $5 and shared with glasses of free water. This may not seem like much to most people, or maybe hardly enough, but it was all I could afford to do. For you see, I myself had no more than $8 to my name, but I was willing to share all that I had to benefit another.
I wonder how many times an act of kindness like this took place today around the world?
Sharing all I had, made me happy with myself.


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