Lost Soul

Being an artist is never easy.  Becoming part of a community of artists makes it more bearable, tolerable, and in some small way comforting to know there are others like you, starving.  Starving in a figurative sense; to belong to something, to accomplish something magnificent,  to be recognized for your achievements. Starving in a literally sense, well, let’s face it, not many artists are millionaires before they die.  If you have ever walked in this community, as an artists you will feel an immediate connection.  If you’re not an artist, rather a right brain thinker, you sense displacement.  I have many artistic communities I rely on.  Beginning with my school, to art district area and of course various local galleries and artists are easily accessible to me.  For this I am happy.  What a comfort to have this connection, a solace when the world around me is falling apart.

From one artists to another, if you are unsure what to do, how to pay the bills or how to get discovered, maybe this can help.  I came across a website a few years back, not even sure if it is still active, but the links are.


Be strong, move forward and always be true to yourself.


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