Touched by an Angel

‘Touched by an Angel’ star Dye dies at age 47 – Entertainment – Celebrities –

Not very often are the “little people” affected by the passing of a celebrity.  I can count on one hand the times I have been emotional moved by the tragic premature deaths.  Pam Daber, when she was stalked and brutally murdered, Princess Diana, horrible car wreck and the passing of  Micheal Jackson.  I awoke to the news of John Dey.  Being a long time fan of the wonderful television series of “Touched by an Angel” I would find myself, more often than not, welling up during the show.  The spiritually moving story lines would compel me to feel fortunate in my own life and give me hope in almost any situation I would find myself in.

In no way do I want to imply others misery or tragedy makes me happy, only that their stories would put my own life into perspective and give a certain comfort, that I, too, can overcome with a bit of faith, hope and love.  While speaking with my daughter on my recent situation of potential eviction, it occurred to me how truly fortunate I am to even have such a wonderful child.  A child of God.  A source of comfort, compassion and someone who accepts me without judgment.  Unconditional love.  This is a feeling of being touched by an angel.  My angel, my darling daughter. How blessed I am to have her in my life, and to be living.   For this, I am glad, my moment of happy.

I came across a quote from a friend I really enjoyed; “Stop sounding like you are smart and start sounding like you care.”  Some wonderful advice i will try to practice going forward.


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