The most recent moment of “Aha!”  for me, took place during a phone conversation.  As in any community, people come and people go.  Recently,  a dear friend who was a fellow photography student, a true equal I could share ideas with and brainstorm new ones, left.  He was forced to move from Las Vegas, to Portland OR., simply because of the lack of employment availability.

We keep in touch via phone calls and emails, but it not the same as seeing each other face to face and running off to explore and do random photo shoots.  The level of inspiration weakens over the distance and the ideas are less powerful.  Feeling this gap, I picked up the phone to call him; seeking a pearl of wisdom.  He was no longer at the number I had, but instead, I spoke with his grandmother.

I do not know this woman, never met or spoke with her before.  She spoke with me as if she had known me all along.  Assuring me, her grandson told her all about me, and yes, she knew exactly who I was.  My Aha moment was becoming brighter.  It occurred to me, even though I was seeking his advice and support, I had been giving him the same.  How inspiring, comforting to know, I mattered, I counted, I was as important to another as they were to me.

This is a friendship I will treasure for the rest of my life!


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