Smarty Pants

Stop talking like you are smart. Start talking like you care.

A friend of mine posted this quote on her face book page and I thought, “YES!”  Aside from doing random acts of kindness, what if we paid closer attention to how we sound when we speak?  Too often we seek to be right, to be politically correct, to have the answers.  Imagine if how we said something, made a larger lasting effect.  I believe it does.

When I read my friend’s post, I began practicing this  immediately.

First, I received a phone call from a fellow artist, in hysterics over a deadline quickly approaching and having no source to draw from.  She begged for ideas for the photo assignment  and expected me to spout off random topics.  Normally I would have. ( Stop talking like you are smart.)  So instead I began asking her questions of how did she feel today,  what events had she attended lately, was there a moment in the last month that she really felt like she was one with her surroundings. (Start talking like you care.)  She was frustrated with me at first, assuming I wanted to chit-chat rather than help her, but she came around and told me about her time spent at a local hair salon.  She was taking candid pictures of  before and after of various customers.  She was only there to get her hair trimmed, but any good photographer never leaves home without their camera. To us, it’s a portable gaming device.  It amuses us to take pictures and helps pass the time.

The light bulb went off in her head.

She went back through her collection of that day and pulled together a beautiful ensemble of photos that she didn’t even realize existed.

Helping another is truly the best happy moment.


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