Everything happens for a reason

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? 

Well, I do.  Based on a simple belief of how you treat others, is how you will be treated. Thinking back to simpler times of kindergarten and I can recall the basics; plays well with others, shows skills of sharing and taking turns, (and my personal favorite) has an understanding of respecting others and others belongings.  Apply these principles as adults and it’s amazing how they intertwine in our daily lives.   A recent example is when I observed a student getting wise cracking with an older student. A heated discussion of showing respect, and lack of, ending with the youngster storming off.   As he left in his cocky manner, he tripped and fell flat on his face on a cement walk way.  No injury to speak of other than his pride, as the older student smirked and said under his breath, “and that’s what the universe had to say about your attitude.”   A potential wake up call in humility.   Did this happen for a reason?

Dig a little deeper and I will tell you my philosophy of  Karma.  This is where I really believe what you put out in the Universe will come back.  And yes, everything happens for a reason.  But I will save these juicy stories for another post.

My happy moment today?  Got my financial Aid for next school year and my stresses are less than last week. The pressures are eased, if only for the moment, and I can breathe freely.  The sky is the limit!  This makes me happy.


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