I am coining a new word.  Interruptosis.  A disease or condition where a person is unable to control their habitual actions of interrupting.

We have all been guilty of interrupting someone, I know I have, but can we control it?  And if we are waiting our turn to speak, are we practicing good communication skills?   Are we accurately taking in the message we are being sent?  Is it being properly received? How can we, if we are merely waiting for our turn to speak?

I recently experienced this uncontrollable need to interrupt someone’s speaking during our conversation.  I heard myself do it immediately.  I stopped talking and apologized, immediately.  But by then it was too late.  He was so annoyed and pissed off for being interrupted, he closed down, abruptly ending the conversation as quickly as I interrupted.  I felt horrible.   How disrespectful could I have been to someone I call a friend.  How rude was I?  No apology was going to fix my problem.  Therefore, I concluded…it’s a disease.  A conditioning of the brain that must have sunk into my system early on.  Maybe a childhood desire to be heard, maybe a gender thing.  Origin unknown.  Remedy?  Duct tape.

Seriously, I want to stop doing this.  I guess, acknowledgment of my problem is the first step.


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