Day of Nothing

This picture is of my friend Bob, taken by my friend Melissa.  We all spent years skydiving together and figured if there was anything in the world that would end our lives, it would be this sport and we were all OK with that. It was a risk we knew, but loved the feeling of free-fall so much, the risk was well worth it.  Bob passed away recently from a heart attack. Probably while he was sleeping, but the details are unknown. What is known, he was not skydiving at the time of his untimely death.

Today I find myself doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Sad really.  I should be doing something. Anything, I am, after all, living.  Unlike my friend Bob, I have options.  Even though we have not seen each other since I moved over a year ago, I know he would understand days like these. This is when he would say something like, “Well, let’s go jump out of planes!”  And we would. Or maybe we would go to the hanger and just hang out, watch movies, (“Fandango” was a group favorite) or re-pack and repair gear. Share photos and edit videos, but we would be doing something.

I miss Bob and think of him often. Mostly because his passing is recent.  I scroll through my cell phone contact list and see his name.  I just don’t feel the need to erase it, yet.  Maybe I am afraid I will forget him.  Maybe I am hoping he will call and I want to leave the line open.  Maybe I am just silly and nostalgic. What ever the reason; it remains locked in my phone.

Today, a day of nothing, I find peace and moment of happy remembering the many jumps I had with my friend Bob.  The “Flying Viking” (his drop zone nickname because of his purple and gold parachute, native Minnesotan) will forever soar in my heart.


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