Traveling without tracks

Have you ever followed a path just because it was there?  Not knowing where they would lead or what lied ahead, but just followed them? Or maybe a path or a road?

On a recent location scouting, I did just that and this picture is where I ended up.  To this day I can’t remember the name of this location, nor could I tell you how to get there.  Oh sure, I have it written down, along with co-ordinance, but it was the unknown that attracted me.  Just randomly following a set of tracks to see where it would take me.

more often than not, we plan every aspect of life.  We plan our schooling, our futures, marriages, children (well, maybe this is less planned than most) and even funerals.  Travel plans.  Vacation plans.   What if we just let things happen?  What if we just lived life-like a set of tracks?  Travel along the path and see what we come upon?  Would this make our life more or less stressful?  Less or more adventurous?  Wrong or right?

My happy moment today was realizing I has this freedom to wander.  As an artist my schedules and plans are few, at least long-term.  I enjoy the freedom to just see where life’s tracks will take me.


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