Brief psychotic disorder

Psychotic disorder, an ugly word.  Negative connotations. Add the word brief  and a whole new meaning forms, giving a sense of a temporary outburst rather than a true disorder.

However, this described my state of mind while preparing my tax returns.

I keep hearing show tunes in my head.  “I feel pretty….oh so pretty” as if I am on the verge of some meltdown, like Robert DeNiro’s character in”Analyze That” when he faked his craziness to avoid being killed in jail.  I wonder if the IRS will fall for this type of extravagant performance when they come calling for their money?  Probably not.  Oh well.

So, now my taxes are filed and am waiting for a response.  I can wait.  Take your time, Mr. Taxman. I am in no hurry.

My moment of happy,was during a completely unrelated matter.  My brother will be coming around to visit.  I have not seen him in over a year since his deployment to another country.  So joyful to be seeing him again soon.


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