Be kind…pass it on.

Wise words from my friend Claudette: (from her face book post)

“While you are yelling at your co-worker or loved one, someone else wants to give them a hug. While you berate, humiliate, and make that person feel powerless, there is another person letting them know how wonderful, strong, and caring that they can be. All people hurt when this happens to them.”

This seems like a simple idea.  One of those things you read and say, “Well duh!”  But if we are honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of saying something too quick that hurts another.  We have all felt the quick cut of painful words.  It’s not rocket science, yet it seems to go on and on.  Is there a lack of common courtesy?  Have we all lost our ability of human decency?  Where has our sense of good manners gone?  Oh, Mr. Darcy, you are too proud!

On the other side of these tongue lashings, I cringe when someone speaks ill of me, to me.  I panic. And often I am quick to defend myself in the same hurtful manner.  I wonder what would happen to my verbal attacker if I paused and said nothing. If I merely showed my face, stricken with pain. Would this assist in stopping or changing this vicious cycle?  Would it make the ‘Cruella’ think more carefully of what she just said?

Unfortunately, probably not.  Bullies are bullies and leopard does not change its spots. But if we can change how we respond and how we treat people.  Thank you for this small reminder, Claudette.  You are a kind soul.

My happy moment is knowing my kindness has great power.


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