Accentuate the Positive


So, it happened.  It had to happen at some point during my studies, just not

today.  I wasn’t ready for it to happen today.  I failed. Not just a little but miserably. I turned in an assignment for class, thinking I had nailed it.  Positive my instructor would think I was a genius. The composition, the juxtaposition, and the clever way I played off nature’s ability to make its own useable products, like maple syrup.

The assignment was to create a root beer advertising layout; a concept that needed to include a “green” theme, winter landscape, the product and tag line of “Free Range Root beer”.  My mind quickly designed the concept of tapping trees for root beer, like you do for maple syrup.  Rain barrels under the trees to collect the nectar.  Root beer ice forming on the exterior of the barrels as is spilled over.   I included the fire pit that we cooked our syrup over, a darken cabin in the background with a few lights in the windows and the winter landscape of trees and snow-capped mountains, with an overall night-time feel.

In my world, as a photographer, I would have collected these props, strategically placed them at the right location, emphasized certain details with extra lighting, allowing little to no photo shop touch up.

This is a digital darkroom class, so we are not allowed to do this.   So, I failed.  Yes, I am allowed to redo for a better grade, and I will.  I just wasn’t expecting a complete fail.  I get, and take accountability for my lack of skills in photo shop, after all, that is what I am going to school for.  I guess what knocked the wind out of my sails was this:  I asked several people their opinion, a fellow student, graphic artist, classmates and even the printer.  All gave me positive feedback.  So when my work was displayed and called “a mess” I was blown away.  I felt deceived by all the previous viewers.  The harsh reality is, it is my grade and my work, therefore my responsibility.  Not a crisis, just a small bump in the road.

Which leads me to my moment of happy; discovering our dreams and goals and making them happen is what makes us great.  I have my goal, now to make it happen.


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