Widen your Gaze

I am sure most of us heard the story or saw the video clip of the girl texting on her phone and falling into the shopping mall fountain.  And the follow-up story is she has hired a lawyer, to stop the viral flood that occurred when an on looker caught her stumble in action and put it on You Tube.  She claims she was discussing of some importance.

I argue, what can be more important than watching where you are going?  Whether you are walking, running, driving or sitting in a lectured classroom, your attention belongs to what is in front of you.  What’s the point of being there if not to pay attention and widen your gaze, take the world around you in, 3-D.

Everyday I see kids texting while in class, texting while walking through doors, texting with their heads down.  I counted one day and my final tally was: tops of heads 62, smiling eyes 8.  These figures were astounding and embarrassing to me.  My generation bred this generation of head tilts.  What were we thinking putting these devices into their hands?

As we did in my generation, I suggest a protest.  A protest to the use of cell phones while the user is moving.  Keep our streets safe.  Yes, some schools (and cities) have ordinances banning the use of cell phones in certain places.  Many business do also.  But this seems to be ignored when it comes to texting.  Now, I am sure this will probably never get attention by act of congress nor will it receive a proclamation of a text free day.  But it would be nice if we could teach our children to act accordingly.  Stress the importance of showing respect by making eye contact with someone.

My happy moment: Smiling at everyone coming my way, seeing their eyes, not the tops of their heads.  A reward: having doors opened for me as I approached.


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