Writer’s block

It has been said, writers will write to work out things they don’t understand.  A love lost, a tragic event or a complex dramatic situation can be worked out in a writer’s mind.  Unfolding as the words are placed on the paper.  I ask, when and to whom does this happen?  All that ever happens to me, is hours of staring at a blank page.   I can’t seem to find this resolve famous authors talk about.  The quick brown fox….is all that comes to my mind.

However, I have found Word Press blogging a great place to generate ideas and start my process.  Blank pages are speckled with bits of concept starters and quotes. All I need to do is associate my personal experiences with these fabulous starters. Thank you to all!

My happy moment:  I am part of a blogging community that is full of inspiration and ideas.


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