What to do…what to do!

As a student of photography, I am often confused as to what kind of photography and which field I will enter.  This confusion is only complicated by my own desires and abilities.

The photo attached is one I took while on a recent hike through Red rock canyon. This is only one of eight I assembled into a full panoramic image.

I enjoy going at my own pace and seeing the landscapes through my lens in a different way than the naked eye.  As I set my aperture and f-stop for the perfect lighting, I see the image develop in my mind’s eye.  Landscape photography as a fine art may be a direction I am heading in.

On the other hand, I also enjoy capturing an emotional moment from people. Stealing the raw feelings that are displayed, the ones that most people ignore as they walk by.  The pain, hunger, longing found in human eyes.  The joy, the laughter or tears are all important to create an image that speaks to the viewer.   Therefore, maybe photojournalism is my future gig.

Nonetheless, I have some time to decide, as I continue my education.  I do hope one day, the light bulb will explode, and I will know.  Until then, I just keep shooting people and more.


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