Flash Mob in Las Vegas

April 10, 2011

If you have never seen or taken part in a Flash Mob, you must.  At least once.  There is a lot of fast-moving, exciting action, that sucks you in like a vacuum. Filled with individuals, from every walk of life, all ages, coming together for a few minutes to surprise the unknowing with joy. Yes, that is the mission; Surprise with Joy.

The expression on onlookers faces is priceless.  Their reaction, upon completion of our performance is rewarding, since it usually applause. The smiles we leave behind is our approval, that it was O.K. we interrupted their lunch, or their conversation, or phone call.  For a few moments in time, we quite possibly changed someone’s, even if only one, mood and frame of mind.

Being a photographer, I have the great privilege of capturing these moments. Time seems to stand still, or at least slow way down, as the performance begins.  This is I, in the pink, filming the event as it occurs.   As seen in this picture, my face smashed into the view finder, elbows piercing into my ribs, bracing my equipment for a still and steady shot.  Breathing slowly and holding my breath as I zoom from one angle to another. Arching my lower back to give a bit of tilt to the lens.  My legs growing weak as knees lock for a self made tripod.  The heat causes sweat to drip from my forehead into my eyes and my fingers become slick.  Yet, I hold steady and strong.  Performers circling me, rushing by, as if they were in a slow motion movie. Finally the four minutes come to a close and relief rushes over me.  I got it.  I can breathe, bend and move freely again, normally.  Crazy what we will put our bodies threw for the perfect shot.

Thanks to my fellow photography pal, Duane Parks from Pics & Clics for this candid shot of “my” moment during this last Flash Mob Filming.  You did a fabulous job in capturing the essence of what the people behind the scenes do.  And it IS all worth it.  A smile is the best pay off.

Now, if we could pay our bills with smiles….


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