Shape Shifters

   Remember when you were a kid and you would lay down on the grass, look up and just watch the clouds move?  Why don’t we take the time to do it anymore?

I was in a local park, the other day, and did just that.  This is what I saw. The cloud transformed into a crocodile.  Then as an added bonus, the sun popped through the bottom like water dripping.  Or maybe to give my imaginary animal a plane to crawl upon.  Naturally the shape began to disappear as I stayed in one place, but I was glued to the rays.

Each photograph better than the next.  Sun rays pouring through the clouds as they grew larger and darker.  In Nevada, rain in almost non-existent, but the clouds like to dance and make us think we might get some precipitation.  It’s a trick.  The rain hardly ever comes, and the clouds separate and disappear instantly. Cruel joke. What fascinated me the most, were the colors.  It was about three o’clock in the afternoon, so the sky was a true teal blue.  The clouds thick and dark, with golden sun piercing through.  I enjoyed the show, as I took my photos for prosperity.   Yes, of course I can pull them into photo shop and saturate the colors to create a Peter Lik style cloudscape, but I prefer to keep it natural.   After all, some of my mentors, did not have photo shop, let alone computers.  And most still shot with black and white film.

So, to support my decision to keep my image natural, here is the same image in black and white.  I still have the same “feeling” (if not even more so) that get when I view it.   A feeling of being “at one” with the universe.  Try it!  Take some time for yourself and just watch the sky.  You may see more than you anticipate.


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