Flash Mob for cystic fibrosis, a success!

  If you have never witnessed a Flash Mob, you are missing out.  And if you have, it is even better with a showgirl and Elvis.

Today, during the Grand opening of Tivoli Village, Flash Mob America and Claire’s place foundation combined forces to raise awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis. What a surprise to the crowd!  The event was well-organized by both teams, here in Las Vegas and Sana Monica CA.  How wonderful to know that as I was shooting locally, watching the flash mob, someone else was doing the same in another city.  I guess, I can claim, this was my first simulcast.

Although final editing of the video will take a few days,  I am eager to see the end result.  The anticipation is like being a kid at Christmas.  Or dare I say, the feeling I had as I dropped my film off at the lab for developing.  I just don’t know what the final result will be.  Ooo, the element of surprise.

And a big HURRAY for the dancers.  I know they practiced often and long hours.  It showed.  Perfectly in sync and stepping to the beat.  Even the crowd felt the rhythm and began dancing.  That is the wonderful thing about flash mobs.  They are contagious with joy and good feeling,  not a bad combination by any standard.  If you are ever given the opportunity to partake or view a flash Mob, DO IT!

You won’t be sorry you did, and you will leave with more than just a moment a happy; you get a forever happy memory.


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