About Me

Midlife, what’s it all about?  A time for reflection of what we have accomplished, achieved and yes, even failed.  As a photographer, I view things differently.  As an aspiring writer, I hear and say things differently.  As an empty-nester, I feel things differently. As an unemployed student, I struggle differently.  Not to imply my life is harder or easier than the next person, just different, as we all are. So, my reflection begins…

I started this year’s blog with a specific goal, seek happiness daily.  I believe happiness can lead to life joy.  How much joy we have in our life and how much joy we bring to others, is measurable through our actions.  I know, this makes me sound like an eternal optimist, but is that really so bad?  After all, some believe a smile is contagious, a hug can comfort, and a kiss can heal.

My quest, through my final year of schooling will reap it’s own rewards (and expenses; donations excepted).  Apart from wishing a white knight gallantly rescues me; my vision quest for happiness begins, and my hope is that I find solace in my midlife crisis.

Please, enjoy this adventure with me, as we seek a bit of “happy” in 2011.


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