Quotable quotes


So, I have been on this “kick” lately (after all, I am an optimist) where I have been sharing quotes with friends on face book, in response to their status remarks.  It may not be what they are looking for.  Most people just want you to agree with their rants.  But I like to see the sunny side of things.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

“Women are like teabags; you never know how strong they are until they’re put in hot water.”

“I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Good stuff!  My happy moment today; overcoming yesterday’s enemy and making them a friend today.

Wavered and Tilt

So I have wavered from daily posting and not due to lack of motivation or subject matter.  More due to time restraints.  Last week (actually since my last post) I was in the middle of preparing and taking my midterms.  Paying for a private education has my priority over posting in my blog.  Tilt!

This week I have been preoccupied with the WPPI convention.  Listening and learning from the best of the best.  Coined as the largest photographic convention, it truly is an honor to be able to attend and soak up all this knowledge like a sponge.

One of the greatest events, was the Fashion Show, sponsored by Sony, hosted by Nigel Barker (from America’s Top Model) world-renowned Fashion Photographer.  Not only are these Masters accessible, as a member of WPPI, but they share great tricks of the trade, providing with endless “aha” moments.

I take away some new friends, wonderful new knowledge and even some great deals on equipment from the trade show.

It was a series of happy moments for me!  Confirmation, that I am in the right place at the right time of my life.

Ass over Tea kettle

Recently I was given a photo assignment to do a photo essay.  This was defined as using ten or more images (only, no text) on an object larger than a car.  I chose a jump plane.  I guess, being a skydiver, I gravitate toward things I know and am familiar with. And of course, the largest object in that sport is the item that takes us to altitude.  The jump plane.

As i assembled my pictorial in their 8 x 10 print form, I began to notice small details I missed when they were on my monitor.  For example, the details of the earth on a 90 degree axis, seen through the small port window.  When I displayed them, for critique, a phrase came to mind.  “Ass over tea kettle.”

This slang term basically means, to flip head over heels. And it is my understanding the term has a United states origin, derived from the French. “To flip over while falling” which is exactly what we were doing at the time this photo was taken.

but I still wanted to know more, so I researched and discovered the French / British origin:

The usual British version is ass over tip (or tit), which occurs in James Joyce’s Ulysses, among other works. This form also occurs in America. For instance, in The Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck has a character say “You jus’ scrabblin’ ass over tit, fear somebody gonna pin some blame on you.” (Source: WordReferrence.com)

I guess, all in all, the title fits the picture.

My moment of Happy:  Success in telling a story through photographs.

Valentine’s Day or Single Awarness?

Valentine’s Day! A day to flaunt those who are in love and heighten the awareness of those of us that are single.

February 14th has always been a difficult day for me, like since birth. For you see, I was born on this day.  The day before my Father’s birthday, February 15th.  And as the story goes, I interrupted the party my Mother was attending that night.  My parents were divorced when I was about 4 years of age, and I was constantly reminded how “special” I was to be remembered by my absent father, since my birthday preceded his. My brothers, on the other hand were born in May, found their birthdays were often overlooked by my Father (so it seemed, but never proven) with no card or gift.  Therefore, leaving a wound of taunt through out my childhood by my siblings.

I would have much rather preferred the silent passing of this day.  In my youth, I often was given chocolates (I hate chocolate) and red roses (can’t stand them, I prefer purple) and some cheesy heart-shaped gift.  I am sure most gift givers thought they were clever, so I accepted them graciously.  These items later became top sellers at the summer garage sale.

As years passed, there was one thing I became acutely aware of.  I was always single on Valentine’s Day.  Never had a “date” or boyfriend to woo and romance me.  Maybe it was my outwardly opinion, about this holiday or maybe my cynicism was transparent. This day, to me, was nothing more than a celebration of  “the day I graced the earth with my presence.”  Oh sure, I celebrated for my daughter’s benefit, with valentines, candy hearts and cake, but it was not the fireworks one expects on this day.  There were no surprises for me.  No undying love from a secret admirer.

Around age 3, it became just me and my daughter, in our own small way, acknowledging my birthday.  She learned at an early age my likes and dislikes, so bless her heart, she always found a unique gift I loved.  A hand-made card, avoiding the words, “Happy Valentine’s Birthday”,my favorite dinner,  a cake she made, with the help of a friend or relative and always hugs and kisses when I awoke.  A simple passing of my birthday, with no Hallmark reference to Valentine’s Day.  Bless her and her child-like understanding of my disgust for this holiday.

I guess, in a strange way, she was my Valentine, always.  And this is a love that I can appreciate, unconditional, everlasting and forever.  This discovery, is my moment of happy.

I can Fly!!!

Today’s post idea brought to you by Plinky.com:

What’s something you never believed until you experienced it?

If you would have asked me, when I was 5 years old, if I can fly? I would’ve had said yes.  Ask me again when I am seven, I would have laughed and told you, “I’m not a bird.”   When I turned 29, I believed I could learn to fly.  So I tried.  I took my first Tandem and was hooked.

I spent a year learning and mastering the art of skydiving.  The jumping out of a plane was easy.  Free-falling to the earth at 120 mph was exhilarating.  The actual flying; under a canopy, was yet to be learned.  It took me only 18 jumps before breaking my first bone.  Another 70 jumps before another broken bones, all contributed to what is known as a hard landing.  I never mastered the ability to fly.  I could free fall with the best of them and fell in love with it.  But when it came to landing my parachute, I sucked.  Still do.

However, I am among the elite few that actually have parachuted.  So all in all, I can’t believe I did it and so glad I did.

My moment of happy: knowing I have the courage to overcome my fears to accomplish what is ahead of me.

What to do…what to do!

As a student of photography, I am often confused as to what kind of photography and which field I will enter.  This confusion is only complicated by my own desires and abilities.

The photo attached is one I took while on a recent hike through Red rock canyon. This is only one of eight I assembled into a full panoramic image.

I enjoy going at my own pace and seeing the landscapes through my lens in a different way than the naked eye.  As I set my aperture and f-stop for the perfect lighting, I see the image develop in my mind’s eye.  Landscape photography as a fine art may be a direction I am heading in.

On the other hand, I also enjoy capturing an emotional moment from people. Stealing the raw feelings that are displayed, the ones that most people ignore as they walk by.  The pain, hunger, longing found in human eyes.  The joy, the laughter or tears are all important to create an image that speaks to the viewer.   Therefore, maybe photojournalism is my future gig.

Nonetheless, I have some time to decide, as I continue my education.  I do hope one day, the light bulb will explode, and I will know.  Until then, I just keep shooting people and more.

World History

I am Face book friends with Maya Angelou.  I enjoy her sage wisdom and insightful kernels of life.  Here is today’s status  post:

I would encourage us all, African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, Whites, Native Americans to study history. I long for the time when all the human history is taught as one history. I am stronger because you are stronger. I am weaker if you are weak. So we are more alike than we are unlike.

My comment was simple:  If only history was written unbiased and by all, not just the winners.

If you think about it.  This is very real, even in today’s media.  It’s all slanted and bias to make a story more powerful, more positive ans to spin whatever fault may lie on the country that is reporting it.  USA is not excluded from this style of reporting.  Dare I say, may have even invented it?

What will it take for all humans to account our actions as they truly are?  When will relaying history will become factual in the moment?  Winners or looser should all be able to tell their story.  The honest, raw truth.

My happy moment:  Sharing my true history with the younger generation.